Executive and Employee Benefits

Executive and Employee Benefits

Executive Benefits


Keep them or lose them? You should make that decision. Often you do not find that you have a problem until your special people give you two weeks’ notice. Discuss with us a preemptive plan to make them want to stay and make them want to see you grow.

Do you have quality people who work for you? Perhaps one or two of the quality people are really integral to the growth and continued success of your business. Perhaps they would be difficult and costly to replace. How can you be assured that they will stay with you rather than start their own business or be taken by a competitor? You probably pay them well, they get bonuses and perhaps you even let them have input into how the business is run. But you are not going to give them stock in your company. How do you keep them productive, interested, motivated and happy? How do you make them want to stay with you for a long time, not just until the next bonus is declared? Appel Insurance Advisors has helped business owners design executive retention plans that provide the long term financial motivation that helps keep executives with you and, at the same time, motivate them to become even more productive. Using plans such as executive bonus plans, phantom stock plans, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, or restricted executive bonus agreements as examples, you may be able to minimize or remove the risk of losing your key people.


No matter how large a company you own: death, disability, divorce or the incompetence of successor management could cause it to fail. Do you have a business that you nurtured and grew for many years? Perhaps you have one or more children in the business that has worked hard to contribute to the bottom-line growth. Perhaps you have one or more children who are not involved in the business on a day-to-day basis. The business is probably one of your largest assets.

Who do you want to control the business after you are gone, the children who worked with you to help it grow, or the non-business-children who were left a part of the business as an inheritance? Will your children's bequest help them grow together and prosper as siblings, or will it cause them to grow apart as conflicts arise over the management and income of the business?

At Appel Insurance Advisors, we have seen families who have tried to resolve this type of issue by passing the business to the children working in it, and passing the real estate from which the business operates to the non-business-working children. This almost always leads to strife and often legal action. We have helped business owners’ design, structure and fund business transition plans that allow them to treat all their children fairly. And as parents, we know that “fairly” does not always mean “equally”. We can do this without tying the hands of the children that should be the voice behind the businesses growth.


The welfare of your employees and their family is first and foremost in their minds. By providing a comprehensive EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PROGRAM, you can remove some of their burden and allow them to think more about you and your business, and less about the effect of an illness or injury.

Your employees help you make money when they spend their time thinking about their jobs and their responsibility to you, not when they are thinking about health care, dental care, disability, or life insurance.

We understand the cost of employee benefits to you, the employer, is one that has historically grown over time. The benefit program you started five years ago may have increased in cost 30% to 100% today.

Our goal, in conjunction with our Strategic Partner, Borislow Insurance (www.borislow.com) is to help you provide the most comprehensive benefit program that will make your company "EMPLOYEE COMPETITIVE" in your particular industry or profession, and at the same time help control your expense of premium dollars while establishing a “satellite human resource arm” for your business. There is more than one way to provide employee benefits and group insurance; and we have found that way by partnering with Borislow Insurance.

We want to help you get the best value for the dollars your business spends on employee benefits.


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